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Sustainability is a key consideration in our development, property management and funding decisions. Our commitment to sustainability is driven by long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

We are working toward a fully integrated business approach to sustainability that includes workplace, marketplace, environmental and community components.

We believe that sustainability is an integral part of the product we deliver and the way we do business.

Goodman works with our customers to deliver sustainable property outcomes that meet their expectations and requirements. From an investor perspective Goodman is mindful of protecting the long-term value of our assets by ensuring they reflect future market requirements.

Sustainable development approach

Goodman’s sustainable development approach is guided by eight key aims:

  • Reduce the material intensity of property and business space;
  • Reduce the energy intensity of property and business space;
  • Reduce toxic dispersion;
  • Reduce environmental impact;
  • Increase service intensity of property and business space;
  • Enhance material recyclability;
  • Maximize sustainable use of renewable resources;
  • Extend durability and functionality.

Our commitment

As a member of the UK Green Building Council, Goodman is committed to creating sustainable developments which balance environmental impacts with social and economic benefits. All new Goodman buildings are designed to be sustainable, energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions, leading to energy, cost and maintenance savings over the lifetime of the building. This includes delivering all facilities to BREEAM 'Very Good' and achieving an EPC 'A' rating as standard. 

Goodman and its employees are also engaged in a programme to measure, report and reduce the company’s environmental impact and improve both its social and economic performance. The Planet Mark, a programme delivered in partnership with the Eden Project, recognises the highest in sustainability standards, representing Goodman’s commitment to:

  • positive action to improve environmental, social and economic performance;
  • integrated sustainability reporting in-line with current legislation and protocols; and
  • engagement with employees, stakeholders, local and global community projects.

Goodman was recently awarded the Planet First Achievers Award, recognising its commitment to improving sustainability performance and achieving significant carbon reductions in its business operations over the last five years.