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Corporate performance

Our capital structure is sustainable, and we have a positive impact in our global communities through the Goodman Foundation. We promote strong leadership and governance, engage regularly with our stakeholders, and measure and disclose our financial and community impact.

Effective corporate governance, including ESG, is critical to the long-term performance of our business and our people. Our Boards and Sustainability and Innovation Committee oversee the implementation of our sustainability strategy, and meeting environmental and sustainability targets is part of our remuneration structure.

For a business to be truly sustainable, it needs to be financially sustainable. Goodman’s prudent financial management over the long-term enables us to deliver on our sustainability vision. While our new Sustainable Finance Framework gives us the financial flexibility to issue sustainability-linked bonds and loans. 

Our ESG performance is disclosed regularly through our participation in benchmarks. It helps our stakeholders maintain their trust in Goodman’s governance and leadership. 


Material drivers for corporate performance

  • Sustainable operations and results 
  • Effective disclosures of ESG performance 
  • Investing responsibly with defined governance and sustainable capital structures
  • Protecting human rights and sourcing sustainably  
  • Supporting the community through the Goodman Foundation


ESG benchmarks

We participate in three ESG benchmarks that are valued by our Investment Partners and also show us ways to continually improve. 

  • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)
  • Sustainalytics benchmark
  • MSCI ESG Index.





Maintaining our sustainable capital structure

We measure our financial sustainability and strength through our credit ratings of BBB+ (S&P) and Baa1 (Moody’s). These ratings reflect our sustainable operations and results, capital stability and approach to responsible investments.


Sourcing sustainably and protecting human rights

Goodman supports the protection of human rights, equity and fairness in our supply chain. Our sustainable sourcing framework is helping us to better respond to the risk of modern slavery in our global supply chain, and to work with suppliers to mitigate it.  

View our Modern Slavery Statement. 

Find out more about our approach to Sustainable Procurement.


Supporting our global community through the Goodman Foundation

The Goodman Foundation brings together our peopleproperties and resources to address disadvantage in the world. We provide real support where it’s needed most and make a tangible difference to people’s lives. 

We partner with like-minded charities in the communities we operate in and fund projects with clearly defined timelines and outcomes. 

To see more on how we’re taking action through our corporate performance, read our 2022 Sustainability report.