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Our sustainability vision is aligned with our purpose "Making space for greatness" which is designed to address the needs of all our stakeholders. 

Sustainability vision

Our sustainability vision is aligned with our purpose “Making space for greatness” which is designed to address the needs of all our stakeholders. We understand the world is constantly changing and to be part of the future we must remain agile and open to new ways of working. It’s in this way we aim to give our customers the space they need to succeed by providing sustainable solutions and unparalleled service in high quality locations now and into the future. We care about the future of the planet and all the people in it and strive to have a positive impact on the world. We believe that a sustainable approach makes good business sense and seek to work with stakeholders who feel the same.

Sustainability and Goodman UK

In the UK, we have adopted the sustainability policies and practices of the ASX-listed Goodman Group. 

Goodman is the largest listed industrial property group in Australia and one of the largest listed specialist fund managers of industrial property and business space globally.

At Goodman, sustainability is about long-term thinking and leadership. We view sustainability as an approach that leads to positive economic, environmental and social outcomes for our business, our stakeholders and the world more broadly. 
In 2019, taking into account our continued growth and strong financial performance, we comprehensively reviewed our approach. The result – Goodman’s 2030 Sustainability Strategy - builds on the momentum of our work to date while embedding a more proactive approach to the challenges and opportunities of the future.  
In doing so, we drew our Sustainability Strategy closer to our overall Group vision and strategy, united by our purpose ‘making space for greatness’.  
Goodman’s 2030 Sustainability Strategy is structured around three pillars. These are linked to a set of material issues, with each pillar backed by short and long-term environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets. We will report our progress on these targets annually, leading us to 2030.


Goodman sustainability


To make space for greatness, Goodman focuses on securing key locations and developing buildings that stand the test of time.  

Properties designed and managed smarter are better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. They are more flexible to our customers’ requirements, support their ongoing health and wellbeing and are more resilient to climate impacts.  

Such properties also enjoy higher occupancy rates. This has the dual benefit of maximising their value as assets but is also a key sign they are being used efficiently.  

While our target to use 100% renewable energy by 2025 will be influenced by regional policies and energy markets, our proportion of rooftop solar is increasing each year, as are our lighting upgrades and a raft of other energy efficiency measures, all of which will contribute to our target of carbon neutral status.  

People and culture

Goodman’s success is largely due to its people. To achieve greatness, we need our people to be aligned with our long-term thinking.  

That’s why our recruitment is based around merit, local knowledge and cultural fit. Once on board, we incentivise our workforce to think strategically, engage with the Goodman values and undertake programmes to improve their wellbeing. 

We support our customers and suppliers, too, with aligned commitments to their workforces, and plan to expand our business ethics programme to look at the human rights and social equity aspects of our global supply chains.  

Our safety target is zero workforce fatalities at Goodman. We believe the best way to achieve this is by strict workplace safety standards, as well as driving an understanding that everyone is responsible for safety. 

Corporate performance

While our purpose is clear at Goodman, our approach is adaptable, as we want to stay relevant in a changing world.  

We finance ourselves with sustainable capital with low debt levels which helps us to stay active during different market cycles. We value the trust of our stakeholders and the chance to make a difference in the communities in which we operate.  

Goodman has participated in the leading ESG survey for the real estate sector, GRESB, for eight years. Our ESG performance is analysed and scored, providing detailed insights to investors. 

Group sustainability approach

We view sustainability as an approach that leads to positive economic, environmental and social outcomes for our business, our stakeholders and the world more broadly. This is why Goodman’s purpose “Making space for Greatness” is the foundation of our sustainability strategy.

Our approach is based on addressing a range of material ESG issues and embedding specific programmes and targets across our global operations. Our approach aims to: 

  • Support Goodman’s long-term own+develop+manage business model
  • Define the Group’s policy and Board level sustainability commitments
  • Promote long-term thinking and leadership within Goodman’s global workforce
  • Support the sustainability goals and priorities of our customers and capital Partners
  • Engage with our supply chain to encourage sustainable environmental and social outcomes
  • Respond to the increasing demand for ESG-related disclosure from the investment sector
  • Support Goodman’s engagement with the broader industry to increase awareness and help shape regulation
  • Provide a platform for assessing and responding to global ESG challenges such as those listed in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.