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Thought starters

Inspiring, optimistic and disruptive. 

At Goodman, we make space for our customers’ greatest ambitions. That’s why we’ve spoken to inspirational experts around the world to uncover insights into the key trends shaping our customers’ businesses – today, tomorrow and beyond.

Thought starters is a short-form video series that delves into how changes to cities, society and spaces, will influence how we live and do business as the 21st century unfolds.


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Tim Williams, The future of cities

“This is not just a disruptive era, it’s a revolutionary era where there are ruptures with the past. It feels a bit like when the car was invented, that reshaped our cities. We’re about to go through the same momentous kind of change.” 

Hear more from Tim Williams – a pre-eminent thought leader whose work as Cities Leader for Arup Australasia focuses on innovation, looking at how our cities are developed, managed and improved. 


Matthias Winkenbach, Last-mile logistics

“Mastering the urban last-mile is not about applying off-the-shelf solutions, it’s about having tailor-made solutions to the specific areas you care about. Where you have your distribution facilities, what kind of facilities you have and how you use them, is basically the most strategic question you need to ask if you want to master the urban last-mile.” 

Matthias Winkenbach – Director of the MIT Megacity Logistics Lab and the MIT CAVE Lab looks at how businesses can use data and design to solve the challenges of urban distribution.


Ben Cavender, Chinese consumer market

With 1.3 billion people in China, there’s a great opportunity for brands wanting to do business there, however there are nuances in this dynamic market that you need to be aware of to maximise the opportunities.

“Whatever you’re doing, there’s a way to make it work here,” says Ben Cavender, Managing Director at China Market Research Group. As an expert on the Chinese consumer market, Ben sets the record straight on how this market actually works and what trends may impact the rest of the world. 



Ashley Stahl, Gen Z and millennials

Do you understand the dominant consumer of tomorrow? We’re facing the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and there are some people who are scared and there are some people who are inspired. “Gen Z is a generation that’s inspired by it. They want disruption, they really want to be a part of something that makes a difference, that really changes the world.”

Ashley Stahl, a Forbes blogger, TedX speaker, author and Gen Z and millennial expert, shares how you should be communicating, marketing and working with this next generation.


China's biggest sales events

China’s biggest sales events are an e-commerce phenomenon generating billions of dollars of sales in hours.

What is it that makes these events so successful? Is it being able to buy fashion directly from the catwalk, the collaborations to create product, or the logistics networks to deliver quickly to consumers?

Watch this special Thought starters episode to find out more.