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Automotive customer story: SHTC

When Shanghai Shihao International Logistics Co, the only company that handles importation for Maserati needed a new warehouse, Goodman came up with a clever solution.

Goodman is known worldwide for its ability to look closely at a problem and come up with a clever solution. This was certainly the experience of Automotive importer, Shanghai Shihao International Logistics Co (SHTC) when it desperately needed a new warehouse facility in Goodman’s Pudong International Airport Logistics Park.

“We outlined our needs and Goodman responded,” says Mr Jason Zhang General Manager of SHTC, the only company that handles importation, transportation and storage for Maserati in China. “Goodman provided us with a state-of-the art warehouse, strategically located just 30 kilometres from the pier where our automobiles arrive from Europe and right next to the County Highway airport exit. This has been especially beneficial from an operations perspective.”

"Strategic location, outstanding service, and the ability to cater to our specific requirements are the three major reasons why I would recommend Goodman." Jason Zhang, General Manager, SHTC

As a facility used to store high-end luxury cars such as Maserati and Ferrari, specific demands needed to be met. Goodman was able to meet these demands, including the sheer size and area of the storage space required, installation of fire prevention systems, and access for delivery and unloading of automobiles.

“A high-quality storage environment was crucial to us, not just for storing cars, but for the flatbed trucks they are unloaded from,” says Mr Zhang. “We’re located on the second level of the Goodman warehouse at Pudong and Goodman provided us with very wide ramps that allowed us to fit up to four of these heavy trucks on the ramp for loading and unloading.

” Working closely on the ground with SHTC was Goodman’s property team. “The team played a proactive role throughout the entire project, coordinating construction, communicating any problems, answering our questions and writing up the contract. At every step of the way, they tried their best to deliver,” says Mr Zhang.