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Green business initiatives for storage supply and distribution

More and more businesses are taking the steps towards more sustainable options for their supply chains. They are realising that investment into greener logistics and warehousing solutions will help to increase profitability in the long run. As the most significant impacts on the environment occur during the supply chain, and as this process continues to grow in size and complexity, so too do the opportunities for companies to advance their green initiatives and improve the impact of their business on the environment.

What constitutes a ‘sustainable development’?

A sustainable development is a development which meets the present needs without compromising the needs of the future. There are four main commitments involved in creating a sustainable development, the first is to be a socially responsible company. The people involved in the day to day running of a business are crucial to the success of the company. The second is to promote healthy economic growth by ensuring integration of the sustainable development policy of the customer into the business process. Third is to monitor and reduce the impact of business operations on the environment, this can be achieved by working towards decreasing the proportion of road transportation used. Last is for a business to work with charitable and humanitarian operations wherever possible. There are many more actions a company can take towards sustainability, but beginning by working towards these four steps is a good place to start.

How do I approach sustainable methods of transport?

Once a company has identified its environmental impact it can begin to take steps towards lowering it. This can be done by wherever possible finding an alternative to road transportation and optimising the supply chain, the main aim should be to operate within a stable economic footprint. This can be done by tailoring the logistics solutions and optimising transport flows, a good team working towards this goal will be able to create transport plans that provide the best cost/quality/carbon ratio possible. It is worth investing in this as it will set your business up for future sustainability success.

What are the socio and economic benefits of running a sustainable business?

Running a sustainable business is beneficial for both company and employees. Good environmental management and green initiatives will save money, while implementing positive social programs and a better working environment for staff will ensure benefits are seen from the bottom line. Sustainability is a long term commitment and can be the difference between success in the future and failure to acceptably meet targets. Understanding the economic impact of an organisation on a society and recognising links to brand value and reputation are all parts of a sustainable business model.

What help can I get in making my business sustainable?

There are a number of ways a business can seek help to work towards a successful sustainability program. The Waste and Resources Action Programme WARP was set up to provide businesses with advice and support to use raw materials, water and energy more efficiently. There is help towards applying for EU funding to establish green initiatives from the National Contact Point for eco-innovation and industrial bio-technology. The pilot scheme Environmental Technology Verification has also been set up to encourage and support new innovative technologies.

How do I obtain green warehouse storage and transportation?

Many companies involved in the logistics business have realised there is a demand for green storage and transportation and have adapted their business processes to meet this demand. It’s as simple as checking a company’s website or contacting them over the phone or email, to ascertain their commitment to sustainability in logistics. A company with a clearly defined strategy dedicated to sustainability will be able to provide you with detailed information about their policies.

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