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Mastering e-commerce distribution

In this episode of Thought starters Travis Erridge, CEO of TMX, looks at understanding consumer needs and tailoring supply chains in order to master e-commerce distribution.

As consumers’ expectations for deliveries rise, the demand on the supply chain is higher than it’s ever been. 

“People demand things now. People want things today, tomorrow, and that’s a real challenge for a lot of retailers to adapt to,” says Travis. 

Currently a lot of distribution centres and warehouses are designed to deliver large-scale orders to stores. But now, they also need to deliver small orders direct to people’s homes with same-day or next-day delivery. 

"It’s important that supply chains are personalised to the companies and what they need to fulfil.” 

According to Travis, “consumers are driving change around the world with their buying patterns.”

So the significant rise in e-commerce and online channels means companies are grappling with how to fulfil a rapidly growing e-commerce sector. 

“A lot of businesses ask what is our current cost of operating? What does our future business look like? And what sort of supply chain network should we design to suit that?”

"Consumers are really driving the change around the world with their buying patterns."